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laser_pain_therapyPain, a part of our life from young age, progressively increases in intensity and severity as we get older. The state laws of Michigan about “optimal pain control,” have encouraged patients’ use of pain medicines. Physicians now prescribe more pain medicines than they have done in the past. Narcotic dependence and even addiction is the result.
As scientists have learned more about the nature of light and its positive effects on the body, new techniques and devices have been developed to use light as part of the healing process. This is referred to as low-level laser therapy or Phototherapy. This is just the very beginning of the usefulness of laser light and energy. The photo therapy uses light energy to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, much as the same way the plants use sun energy for photo synthesis

What is Phototherapy?
What are the treatments like?
Is Phototherapy safe?
Is Phototherapy the only treatment required for healing?

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