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The quit smoking  Program consists of Counselling, Laser Treatment, Vitamin therapy and Back up Support.

Combine this procedure with a true “Desire to Stop” and you’re on the road to success and be smoke free. It’s not unusual for people to change their lifestyles after they see improvements in their general health & fitness very early on. In fact, your body can improve from the moment you stop smoking.

Medical reports have shown that smokers have a higher level of “endorphins.” These are the body’s natural calming and stimulating chemicals which are triggered by the intake of cigarette smoke. These are the least harmful effects from smoking. It’s the many other toxic, caustic, carcinogens and chemicals a smoker intakes that are particularly deadly.

When you stop smoking, the sudden drop in endorphins is the main reason for the craving effect. L. L. L. T. (Low Level Laser Therapy) used on acupuncture points, helps to stimulate and maintain the body’s natural mechanism to balance the endorphin levels. It is completely safe, painless and even relaxing, using Laser pure light energy.

Laser light is providing a success in many other forms of therapy as well as addictions, e.g. Physiotherapy, Sports injuries, “Problem” tissue healing, as well as a brilliant tool in Acupuncture.

Be a Non-Smoker and really “Start” enjoying your life!

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Nicotine is the most addictive substance in existence today exceeding cocaine, heroin, and drinking combined. Dependence on nicotine is harder to overcome because of it is readily easily available. Addiction starts at a young age. Most stop-smoking programs introduced in the US by insurance companies rely on nicotine substitutions and have been ineffective.

Substituting nicotine in cigarettes for nicotine in gums, patches, or inhalers wouldn’t overcome addiction to nicotine itself as switching from scotch to vodka wouldn’t treat alcoholism, or from heroin to methadone wouldn’t help the craving for the a narcotic.
Also, stop-smoking programs deal with the physical or psychological sides of addiction and very few address detoxification.

At Advance Laser Center we believe the answer to combating tobacco addiction is our multi-phase approach involving the following components:
Relieving the physical need for the substance without using a drug;
Dealing with the psychological aspect in such a way that it ensures an addiction free lifestyle;
For this reason Advance Laser Centre has developed a complete approach to resolving the issue of tobacco addiction if people want to quit.

Advance Laser Centre uses Omega Laser Systems which works on specific energy points of the body making our procedure completely safe and totally painless. Laser therapy is thought of as a highly effective modernistic form of Acupuncture without needles. The laser’s light is helpful in controlling addictions and enhancing relaxation. When the laser makes contact with the body’s various energy points, the client will experience a feeling of relaxation and a state of wellbeing.

A soft laser light is used to stimulate specific energy points in the ear, face, and hands relating to the addiction. Treatment with laser helps to promote the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are the body’s natural chemicals which help keep you calm and relaxed making it overwhelmingly easier to cope with the addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and cravings that arise from giving up nicotine.

Our therapists educate and council you during your 30 minute treatment. You will be given the knowledge on how to deal with your new lifestyle change of quitting smoking once and for all. Other areas being focused on during your therapy are the withdrawal symptoms, cravings, your current habits, and nutritional information which will help the body become nicotine free within seven days.

We can provide a backup booster within four weeks after your initial treatment, if cravings persist. For clients concerned about gaining weight after kicking the habit, we can also treat other pressure points which help increase your metabolism, thus controlling weight gain. The basis of our laser therapy treatment is to rapidly get you over the addiction period and teach you how to live a smoke-free life. Laser therapy has been proven to be substantially far more effective than nicotine gum, patches, or oral medications. There is no simpler way to get over nicotine addiction on the planet!

For many people it is love at first puff. Cigarettes contain 4,000+ deadly toxins including nicotine. A nicotine “high” reaches the brain within seven seconds.

Nicotine, when first ingested, causes a person to feel awake and alert, shortly after that person feels calm and relaxed. This is due to an elevation in endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain reduction and pleasure chemicals that are produced in the brain. After time, more and more nicotine is needed to achieve the same pleasurable feeling, leaving the smoker addicted.

The usage of this narcotic creates a roller coaster effect in your system that is very hard to break free from. Once you are a habitual smoker, your mind and body develop a physical dependence for nicotine. Smoking excites your body’s pleasure chemicals, endorphins, and puts them into high gear. This makes you feel very good – until your body summons you to replenish the depletion of nicotine in your system. So you smoke again, and again, and again. It is a vicious cycle that never stops until you quit smoking for good.

Laser therapy treatment works to stimulate the release of endorphins in a healthy way mimicking similar endorphin rush caused by nicotine. The laser helps to balance the body without harmful effects.

2 Responses to “Quit Smoking”

  1. Eric says:

    Hi my name is Eric I’m 37 years of age and I been smoking for 20 years and tried everything to quit. Witnessing my co worker quiting using laser therapy from Advance Laser Clinic,I thought I’d try it myself.
    After taking the therapy I was surprised, not having any nicotine withdrawal nor any cravings to smoke. I used to come home after work everyday drinking 6-12 cans of beer while smoking at least 10 cigarettes an evening. After taking the laser therapy I no longer feel a need to smoke or drink alcohol.
    I feel much better, smoking was effecting my health, my blood pressure was very high, I was experiencing heart palpation and my blood circulation was bad. Everything is back to normal now and feel great.
    The therapy does work, I am very appreciated to the advance laser clinic to have my health and quitting smoking.

    Thank you Deepshikha Brar

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