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At Advance Laser Clinic, we offer laser skin tightening treatments which are quite effective for treating conditions like saggy neck, loose skin on areas like abdomen, hands, back, etc. The skin on the neck may loosen which leads to the formation of lines around it and also, skin hanging from the chin area. As laser treatment involves application of beams of light, it helps to tighten the dermis and generate collagen around the neck region, thus providing a firmer and tighter skin. Further, we also provide effective treatments for stretch marks which occur as a result of pregnancy, childbirth, and the like. The skin around this region is contracted using laser rays and also collagen is stimulated as well, minimizing the stretch marks.

We have many attractive discounts for the skin tightening treatments at Advance Laser Clinic in which the customers can get up to 30% off for the treatment.

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Buy One Treatment and Get the Second One Absolutely Free !!!

The age old hair removal techniques like shaving and waxing have literally disappeared now owing to the popularity of treatment using laser rays. We at Advance Laser Clinic offer laser hair removal treatments to present you with a silky-smooth skin at affordable prices. Our well-qualified technicians perform the procedure with much care and diligence. In fact, this treatment is relatively painless and the effects are long-lasting, which is the reason why many people prefer the same.

Moreover, we have many attractive offers for our clients in which they can pay for one treatment and get the second one done for free, provided they have to choose the same body part for the hair removal treatment.

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Get the Couple’s Special Discount for Laser Quit Smoking Treatment !!!

The Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has become quite popular over the years in treating a variety of conditions. In fact, this technology is well-known for its ability to cure nicotine dependence in an effective manner. At Advance Laser Clinic, we have treated many patients successfully using this therapy which helped them to quit smoking. In fact, it works through the application of pressure on specific points on the body which are related to nicotine addiction, thus helping people to overcome their dependency to nicotine in a successful manner.

We provide couple’s special discount for our laser quit smoking treatment in which you can pay for a treatment and avail a 50% off for your partner. This offer is valid for the initial treatment as well as a booster.

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Know more about the Attractive Offers for Acne and Brighter Skin Treatments!!!

Each and every person wish to have a flawless, glowing skin. With the advancement in laser technology, this is possible today without any downtime, and is quick, non-invasive, and literally painless. Our trained crew at Advance Laser Clinic have the necessary expertise to perform the exfoliation of skin followed by stimulation of collagen using the latest kind of laser treatments to make the skin look younger and radiant. In fact, owing to the dual action of the laser rays, the pores get shrunk, thusreducing the acne and presenting an even and healthier skin tone.

Further, we offer many attractive discounts to our regular clients in which they can buy one treatment and get the other treatment for absolutely no cost at all.

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