Avail Special Discounts from March 19th to 24th for Laser Hair Removal Treatment on Men’s Back !!!

Hair removal used to be strictly a female affair in the past. In fact, unless you are a bodybuilder or a swimmer or a dancer, there is only a little chance for getting your body hair removed. However, the situation has completely changed today. In other words, many men are getting their hair at the back side thinned or removed these days, and laser hair removal is the best option for the same.

We at Advance Laser Clinic have the best facilities for removing or reducing unwanted hair from men’s back by using the laser treatment. Here, the laser rays are made to penetrate through the hair shaft, which stops the growth of hair from the root. It takes only about 30 minutes of time for each session. Further, an average person requires about five to seven sessions of treatment for attaining the best results.

Our technicians are well-qualified and experienced that they deal each case with utmost dedication and care. We offer special discounts between March 19th and 24th to honor our male clients in which they have to shed only $299 for doing laser hair removal treatment on their back as against the original price of $500.

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Know more about the March Discounts Available at Advance Laser Clinic for Men’s Chest Hair Removal !!!

Imagine a situation where you can take off your shirt freely without having to display unwanted hair on your chest or cancelling all your waxing schedules or throwing away your razors. We at Advance Laser Clinic make this possible for our male clients with our customized solutions pertaining to laser hair removal for men’s chest area. In fact, some men would like to have a smooth, hairless chest while others just want to thin the unwanted chest air. Regardless of the requirements of the customers, we have the best solutions as well as skilled technicians to cater to the same in a matter of approximately 30 minutes.

Moreover, we have many exclusive offers for the month of March, from 19th to 24th in which the customers can make use of our special discounts for discarding or minimizing unwanted chest hair. We offer an attractive discount of $210, instead of the actual price of $350 for men’s chest hair removal.

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Know more about the March Discounts Available at Advance Laser Clinic for Men’s Chest Hair Removal !!!

It is a matter of annoyance for some men who have excessive abdominal hair. Though there are many traditional methods available like waxing or shaving, nothing has been found to offer long-lasting results. Much to the relief of these people, the unwanted abdominal hair could be effectively removed using laser treatment.

At Advance Laser Clinic, we offer state-of-the-art facilities to treat undesired abdominal hair at reasonable prices. We have a team of certified and trained technicians who carry out this treatment with much commitment and sincerity. Moreover, we have had many instances of repeated customers availing our services owing to the quality of the treatment offered here.

As part of honoring our male clients, we provide exclusive offers in March for men’s abdominal hair removal section in which they can obtain our services for a special price of $199, instead of the original price of $250.

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