Buy One Treatment Get Second Treatment Free (Need to Choose the Same Body Part)

Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure opted by many people. This treatment is about directing highly concentrated beams of light into the hair follicles, which is then absorbed by the pigments present in the same. This process helps to destroy the unwanted hair completelyfrom areas like leg, face, arms, bikini line, and many others. There are many advantages for using laser beams for treating unwanted hair such as precision, speed, predictability, and the like.

At Advance Laser Clinic, we have state-of-the-art facilities for performing this procedure. Most of our clients have reported permanent hair loss after completing about three to seven sessions of this treatment. Moreover, we have many attractive offers for Valentine’s Day as well in which the customers can pay for a treatment and get the second treatment absolutely free, provided they need to choose the same part of the body.

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Acne and Brighter Skin Treatments – Buy One Get One Free

Acne scarscould be quite troublesome as they can have a major impact on your looks and appearance. When these kinds of skin issues do not disappear completely, they tend to leave scars on the skin, discarding it which could be a daunting task. Much to the relief of such patients, there are many skin rejuvenation procedures available today. We at Advance Laser Clinic offer the best kind of treatments like microdermabrasion, for treating acne scars and giving the skin a brighterappearance. In fact, we have a team of experts who are certified and trained in treating this condition. Most of our clients prefer this treatment because it offers lesser downtime for recovery, without causing any harmful side effects. Further, it gives a fresh glow to the skin.

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Avail 30% Off on Our Skin Tightening Treatments (Saggy Neck, Abdomen, and Stretch Marks)

At Advance Laser Clinic we offer many advanced skin tightening procedures which could be customized for areas like face, abdomen, neck, and so on. Conditions like saggy neck and stretch marks could be treated effectively with this treatment. At our clinic, we adjust our special laser equipment to cover larger areas of skin. Here, the dermis area of the skin is treated in order to contract or tighten, and create collagen in response to the heat stimulation brought about by the laser rays. The precision in the control of the width and the heat of the laser beams guarantee effective treatment of the skin without causing excessive heat which can damage the skin tissues.

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Couple’s Special Laser Quit Smoking Treatments – Buy for One and Get Another for Partner at 50 % Off (Includes Initial Treatment and a Booster)

Quitting smoking can be challenging for most of the people. There are several reasons which prompt people to quit smoking. The most significant of these is it improves one’s quality of life. Chances are likely that you have tried several methods to quit smoking and have failed in this attempt. In fact, it is not your fault that you have continuously encountered failure in quitting your smoking. The problem is that there do not exist any foolproof method by which you can overcome the psychological and physiological aspects of this addiction.

At Advance Laser Clinic, we use laser therapy for this purpose and have found to be quite effective in helping people to come out of this deadly habit. We use Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLT) for treating this condition. In laser therapy, we apply non-invasive and painless beams of light to particular points of the body, thereby activating them so as to bring an end to nicotine addiction by way of opening different pathways in the body. It also helps to release endorphins which are instrumental in reducing the withdrawal symptoms like irritability, stress, and nervousness.

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