Author: Deepshikha Brar |

Active Acne is a kind of skin disorder where the sebaceous glands are obstructed and puffed up by a certain type of bacteria present in the skin. These bacteria multiply inside the hair follicle and cause engorged, pus-filled spots or cysts. Though these can appear in any part of the body, they are mostly found in areas like chest, limbs, back, neck, etc. If this condition is left untreated for long, it can turn into a scar. The seriousness of this condition is such that it affects the self-esteem of the affected person and also the quality of life.

However, there are many effective treatments available today for Treating Active Acne – Skin Treatments . We at Advance Laser Clinic, make sure that those who approach us for Treating Active Acne – Skin Treatments are never left disappointed. We use a variety of laser treatments depending on the type of acne. Some of these include the Blue Light therapy, treatment using IPL laser, and so on. Among these, the blue light therapy is used to treat the most common type of acne known as acne vulgaris or inflammatory acne. In this therapy, the bacteria which causes acne is destroyed. This treatment is provided in a series of eight sessions of about fifteen minutes, extending over a period of one month. In treatment using IPL laser, a 1450 nanometer (nm) IPL laser is administered.

  • Interestingly, further research is being conducted in this field to understand more about the benefits of these methods of treatment. Whatsoever, we see an increase in the number of customers who seek the services of Advance Laser Clinic.