Author: Deepshikha Brar |

We at Advance Laser Clinic offer many types of advanced treatments for weight loss such as using infrared body wraps. The customers who want to shed excess fat from their body approach us for Infra Red Body Wraps – Skin Treatments . And we can proudly say that those customers provide good feedback for our Infra Red Body Wraps – Skin Treatments.

This kind of body wrap make use of radiant heat for treating excessive body fat. Many people have already claimed that they have had long-lasting weight loss benefits from this process. In fact, this method is much safe than other surgical alternatives like liposuction. In this procedure, infrared body wraps are enfolded around your body in order to produce radiant energy from infrared rays. The heat thus generated corresponds to the heat produced by the body while doing any physical activity like lifting weight or running. In fact, the heat thus generated by the infrared wraps is supposed to trigger the body metabolism, thus causing the body to eliminate excess fat and toxins present in the bloodstream through urination.

  • Unlike conventional body wraps, these type of wraps can be used on top of one’s clothing. Further, silicone pads are used for this treatment and wrapped around areas like abdomen, upper torso, upper arms, and thighs. It is recommended to have a lot of water to keep your body hydrated while undergoing this treatment.
  • In short, this mode of treatment is quite effective and we at Advance Laser Clinic see an increase in the number of customers who seek this service.