Author: Deepshikha Brar |

Skin rejuvenation using laser rays involves the application of brief, high-energy pulses of laser to the skin tissues. The intensity of this energy brings about a photoacoustic effect in the skin and stimulates the skin cells to create more collagen. The increase in the production of collagen minimizes the occurrence of imperfections in the skin such as enlarged pores, wrinkles, crow's feet, etc.

This process of laser skin rejuvenation has gained much popularity over the years. We at Advance Laser Clinic use advanced technology for Treating enlarged pores (category – Skin Treatment). In other words, for Treating enlarged pores (category – Skin Treatment) we use a much gentler solution in which the laser rays make use of non-ablative skin resurfacing, which is a painless procedure with negligible side effects. Interestingly, this procedure does not take more than ten minutes and no consumables are required for the same. In this process, the Q-switched laser rays are used in a continuous manner across the affected area. This treatment is usually performed on areas including neck, hands, and face. The side-effects are mild in nature and includes the occurrence of a slight pinkish tone of the skin as from a recent exfoliation.

  • In short, Advance Laser Clinic deals with any type of skin problems and provides good results.